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Sea Fishing Scarborough

Sea Fishing Scarborough

Shore, Boat and Kayak Fishing

Shore, Boat and Kayak Fishing

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Tom Bielby all England 2014

Local Fishing Marks Scarborough

There are several fishing marks around scarborough some have good access and are reletivly safe to fish. on this page we have listed the safer and eaisier marks but there are many more which can be fished but we advise you go with someone who knows the area well. as with all marks even the listed ones need to be fished with extreame caution as anglers have been injured and lost their lives in recent years.


North Bay Scarborough

There are serval marks on the north bay which anglers use mainly at night during the winter months.


New Wall -(A mark located on the path around the sea life center)


Mainly a high water mark with anglers prefering to fish a few hours before and after high water, which requires a short cast into the rocky ground mainly targeting Cod. Cod to double fiqures have been caught from this mark in the past and landing them can be difficult some anglers have lost them trying to lift them over the wall or trying to land them on the steps near the north bay.


The mark is easily accesable to all anglers abilities even disabled and young anglers can fish this mark. Parking is availible in the sea life center car park.

during winter months the area can get busy even late on a night.


we advise great care is taken when casting as dog walkers, joggers use the foot path on the prominard.


During big northerly seas this sea fishing venue is sheltered by Scalby Ness Rocks.


There is More Information on this Mark on PhotoRecce


North Bay Scarborough

there are serval marks on the north bay which anglers use mainly at night during the winter months.


The Bulge - (situated on the north bay infront of the old chair lift)


Mainly a high water mark with anglers prefering to fish a few hours before and after high water. The bulge seams to fish better with a moderate to rough sea and can produce cod, billet, whiting and dabs over fairly clean ground.


The mark is easily accesable to all anglers abilities. Parking is availible in the sea life center car park and walking on the footpath.


Shop Hole (about in the middle of the bulge and Rawlins)

Best time to fish is between Mid Sept and March with a moderate to rough sea.

Best time to fish here is 2.5 Hours after high tide for a bout 1 hour

Fish that can be caught are Cod, and whiting.


Rawlins Bottom (about in line with the two roundabouts near the old corner cafe now the sand development)

Best time to fish is between Mid Sept and March with a moderate to rough sea.

Best time to fish here is 2 hours before low water and over low water.

40 Yard cast a low water, ground is a rough here as ther is an island of rock that partially shows at low water. Fish that can be caught are Cod, whiting, and coalfish


Clrence Hole (between the waterfront Cafe and the Oasis Cafe a small outcrop of rock shows near the sea wall Clence rock is just south of this).This is a small hole and will produce lots of fish over low water on big spring tides watch for people moving there.

Best time to fish is between Mid Sept and March with a moderate to rough sea

Fish that can be caught are Cod, whiting, Rockling



Slipway or otherwise known as Iron Man (Fred Gilroy Statue near the Oasis Cafe)

anglers can fish from the slipway or on the sea wall near the statue

Best time to fish here is a few hours before high water and a few hours after.

fishing is over clean ground.

Fish that can be caught are Whiting, Coalfish and Dabs


Good advantage with this mark is angler can fish reletivly close to their cars at night but be aware of pedestrians using the footpath.


Dont fish this mark in heavy seas as the railings offer no pretection.


Lady Rock (near the old albert drive cafe can be accesed by steps.)

Fish over high water from the drive or at low water from the beach on a mod to rough sea, very Close to the tunnel mark mainly used from mid Sept to March. Fish that can be caught are Cod, whiting, Rockling



now filled in fishes best from an hour after top of tide down to bottom a good cast gets you into the gully and kelp beds



Marine Drive


This was a reletivly easy mark to fish from anglers cars but in early 2000 the council placed large boulders and acrepods infront of the old sea wall to pretect it. Now to access the marks is alot more dangerous and you will require ladders, ropes and other safty equipment to access them. We advise all anglers to fish this mark with some one who knows them well as this is now a very dangerous mark to fish as the acrepods are difficult to climb on, slippery and their is no pretection from heavy seas. Getting drenched could be the least of your worries


The reason the drive fishes so well is its protrusion into the sea and the fact that you are fishing into a good depth of water with plenty of tide run.



Sea Angler Article on Marine Drive


Planet Sea Fishing Article


Coffee Pot

The mark gets its name from a limestone rock with a coffee pot profile that gracefully rises from the sea at low water. It was previously reached by vertical descent down the Drive by rope or an by extended walk. Fishing here is over low water in all but the roughest conditions A low tide mark rough ground and a long walk over slippery rocks from Lady rock fishes best just after a storm for Cod, can be a good mark in the right conditions during the summer months to for pollock and wrasse.


East Pier


Along the east pier the acrepods extend nearly to the end of the pier which like the drive makes the marks diffuilt to fish the marks can be accessed without a ladder but again anglers need to take extreame causion.


East Pier End


This can be an ideal area for young and old anglers which is fairly safe, beaware of oncoming boats when casting and fishing as boats come close in to ener the harbour. the east pier is a great spot to fish for dabs, small pollock, parrs, codlings (During winter), and Mackerel (during Summer). the area can be quite crowded During the Summer.


There is More Information on this Mark on PhotoRecce


South Bay


not a mark often fished.. but can be good for dabs in calm conditions and codlings in moderate to rough conditions casting on to ramsdale scar over low water. Ramsdale scar is inline with vally road and extends out to sea in a similar direction to about opposite the east pier.


Spa wall

a easily accessable mark mainly fished in the winter at high water due to it been crowded with tourests,


Old Swimming Pool


This mark was where the old outdoor swimming pool was, now the area has been filled in and anglers can fish infront of it at low water or on the old filled in pool itself. there is vechicle acess to the old pool from the spa, but the council have placed signs stating that this is for emercancy access only. parking is available at the spa and its about a 15 minute walk to the spot. the area infront of the old pool is rough ground and cod can be targeted with a good swell. waves do crash over the pool in rough conditions and can make the area unfishable.


The scars at HOLBECK fish well on the flood during an onshore blow when the fish move out of the kelp beds. Access is via the garden path on the Esplanade.


Cornelian Bay 


which can be reached by turning off the A165 into Cornelian Drive and then into a cart track which runs down to a pine copse where there is space for parking. Follow the path down through the wood to the beach.


Clarks Island

To the North of Cornelian there is a rocky outcrop called Clark's Island which forms a gully running the full length of the bay. This can be hit with a short cast from the high water mark. The island protects the gully from the full force of a Northerly sea, and that's when the fish come in to feed. Fish from half flood to half ebb but take care when moving at high water because the sea comes up at the back.

When the tide ebbs then try the Basin and Horseshoe Gully to the North of the path and also Roundabouts - a rock scar in front of the Basin which can be fished at low water. Take care not to get cut off.


This stretch of coast offers some superb fishing stations - unfortunately many require detailed knowledge of cliff descents and so are not suitable for a visiting angler unless he is prepared to spend plenty of time checking them out. As always it is better to ERR ON THE SIDE OF CAUTION.

CAYTON BAY probably offers a 'newcomer' his best chance with access via a steep concrete path down the cliff near Wallace's car park. While the sandy beach does produce a few fish, by far the best mark is to the right at Calf Allen Rocks where a gully at low water can be reached with a 70-80 yard cast. Fishes best after a rough sea.


The other worthwhile mark is to the North where CAYTON BAY meets OSGOODBY POINT. At high water try near the blockhouse, and at low water fish the scars and gullies.

YONS NAB to CHIMNEY HOLE is next on the map and is a piece of coast which rewards knowledgeable locals with some superb fish in rough weather. The entire area is rough scar with dozens of gullies known locally as runlins which can be covered with a short cast on the ebb. However, access down the cliffs can be tricky so it pays to seek local advice before attempting the descent with ropes.




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